Marriage and Family Counseling

Kimberly offers relationship counseling for spouses, couples and families.  Spouse or partner stress can make a relationship weak and unhealthy.  Kimberly consults with those suffering from relationship or marital trouble and/or marital trust issues.  Couple stress can be caused from a variety of sources, Kimberly offers marriage counseling or relationship counseling to help couples work through their issues and build beneficial communication within the relationship.  Dissention in a marriage can be caused by many things as well, including subsystem conflicts, which can be stress from parent/child interactions, in-laws, ex-spouses, and blended families.   Kimberly helps couples create a boundary that aids them in building a stronger foundation for their marriage while teaching strategies for coping with the stress that these situations can bring.  Often in a relationship shared parental responsibility can create stress as well.  In the unfortunate case where a marriage ends and there are children involved, Kimberly provides single parent counseling to help aid in the daily emotions and struggles that sometimes come with being a single parent.  Kimberly also is available to help divorced couples who want to have working communication so that they can actively parent their children as a team from separate households.

Kimberly also works with families.  She opens the lines of communication between parents and all family members and facilitates  parent/child conflict resolution.  Kimberly is solution focused in her conflict resolution approach.  She guides clients to better cope with problems that may occur in their immediate family and teaches them techniques to aid in better communication with each family member.

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